Yoga Cushion Blue Ocean

Yoga Cushion Blue Ocean

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Anadeo has created a range of yoga and meditation cushions with a clean style and solid colors. The fabrics used are in raw cotton mixed with linen. They are dyed manually according to an age-old artisanal process.

Limited Edition

  • Provides stability during practice
  • Optimal seat and comfort
  • During Pranayama and meditation, it facilitates the posture of the right back for a fluid and deep breathing
  • Support of the pelvis, it wedges flat under the Ischions and supports the hip joints.
  • Filled with Kapok 100% natural fiber
  • Light (500g), compact and transportable
  • Robust: it is reinforced at the ends by a double seam

The essential Anadeo Yoga and meditation cushion, made from natural kapok fiber, has already been adopted and recommended by many Yoga associations and teachers.

It will also help you in difficult postures by giving you stability through its firmness and the comfort necessary for meditation.

Light and space-saving, it will follow you everywhere.

Yoga and Meditation cushion – Zafu. Length: 35cm, Width: 18cm, Thickness: 13cm

Maintenance: after use, tap the sides of the cushion to replace the natural fiber. In case of soiling, use a damp sponge with soap and rub the stain. Do not machine wash, do not immerse.

Note: the dimensions of Anadeo cushions can possibly vary by 1 cm +/- from one model or color to another because of the looms used.

The Anadeo yoga cushions are handcrafted by skilled labor. We use compressed air compressors to fill the Cushions. Thanks to this new method that we developed in our workshops, we have increased the density of the Kapok in our cushions and we have considerably improved the working conditions of the personnel operating the delicate filling stage.

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