Soft meditation cushion / Purple-red Fuschia

Soft meditation cushion / Purple-red Fuschia

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Dimensions: 37 cm X 37 cm X 4 cm

Flat and flexible yoga and meditation cushion, it rolls up and folds in half, allowing you to adjust its thickness according to exercise, practice or hip opening.

It is very practical to use: Flat, it is useful for the positions with support (support of the knees, the elbow, the forearms)

Inverted position (support of the head on the ground), it relieves these positions which can sometimes be painful.

Also by rolling it in 2 or 3 thicknesses, this cushion allows you to wedge to hold the positions without pain, it wedges for example under the Ischions and maintains the coxis, it slides under the legs and maintains the hips.

For meditation, adjust it to the correct height as needed.

Garnishes 100% pure kapok, 100% natural and organic

it weighs only 500g, it is easy to transport and fits in your bag.

Weight 0.6 kg


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