Mala Serenity

Mala Serenity

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Refocusing sickness with calming properties

-Pearl grey-

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This Mala of 108 pearls is composed of the following semi-precious stones:

  • Howlite
  • Gray smoky quartz,

On the mental level in lithotherapy, the showlite is a stabilizing stone. It helps to clarify and establish coherence between feelings, it gives a sense of responsibility and at the same time allows all fears to be dispelled.

Gray smoky quartz would be considered the stone of responsibility and refocusing. Thus, it would calm too strong emotions that cloud effective thinking, and thereby improve lucidity and concentration. By helping to reflect and eliminate irrational fears, anxieties, internal contradictions, smoky quartz would strengthen self-confidence but also the ability to open up to others and to make the right decisions. He would chase down gloomy thoughts and fight depression.

  • Chrakra: Frontal

The small 925 silver medallion is finely engraved with the AUM sign typical of Bali and delicately attached to the top of the mala.

  • Stone size: 6 mm
  • 108 pearls.
  • Bronze lotus
  • Aum engraved medallion in 925 silver (12mm)
  • Necklace height: 45 cm

All our Malas are designed and manufactured in our workshop in Bali

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