Mala Intuition

Mala Intuition

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The Mala Intuition

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This 108 pearl Mala is composed of the following elements:

  • Crystal (guru mala)
  • MoonStone – Moonstone
  • Pearls (Ivory wood)
  • Pampille: Fil Bleu Canard

The crystal develops the state of clairvoyance, the intuitions, the perceptions, the purification, the regulation of the physical body and the regulation of the energetic body. It is related to the coronal Chrakra

The moonstone (white labradorite) with a silvery blue reflection brings softness and soothes the emotions (sacred chakra). In meditation, it participates in our spiritual awakening, in our connection to the divine plan.

The small 925 silver medallion is finely engraved with the AUM sign typical of Bali and delicately attached to the top of the mala.

  • Stone size: 6 mm
  • Guru Mala: 10 mm
  • Exotic wood beads (Ivory wood)
  • 108 pearls.
  • Medallion engraved with the sign “Aum” in 925 silver (12mm)
  • Necklace height: 45 cm
    All our Malas are designed and manufactured in our workshop in Bali.
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