Folding / Leaflet Yoga and meditation cushion, Deep blue & purple

Folding / Leaflet Yoga and meditation cushion, Deep blue & purple

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Anadeo has designed a folding Yoga and Meditation cushion that adjusts in height and width according to your hip opening.

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Creation 2018, in limited series.


We have composed this new fabric on the theme of the Charkra Frontal “Ajna” by combining blue and purple. It is the third eye of knowledge found in many cultures. It corresponds to consciousness, vision of life, divine intuition, clarity and unity. It connects us with the intangible form of creation. It brings wisdom and discernment which allow us to transform our inspiration into a gift of clairvoyance.

Product features:

  • Folding / leaflet, it is modular
  • Provides stability during practice
  • Optimal comfort for difficult postures
  • Pranayama and meditation, it facilitates the posture of the right back for a more fluid and deep breathing
  • Filled with Kapok, 100% natural fiber
  • Light (600g), compact and transportable
  • Robust: it is reinforced at the ends by a double seam


This Yoga and Meditation cushion is modular in height and width and provides more flexibility. It is a little wider (+5 cm) and a little higher (+2 cm) than the classic cushion. It is extremely comfortable because of these enlarged dimensions, It is also a little more bulky so we have equipped it with 2 handles to carry it. Open it, close it, it adapts to you whatever the exercise.

We tested it at the Paris Yoga Festival in October 2015 with our Yoga teachers, it was 100% approved with real enthusiasm!

It will help you in difficult postures by providing you with stability through its firmness and the comfort necessary for meditation.

Open: 36 cm X 36 cm, thickness: 7.5 cm

Closed: 36 cm X 18 cm, thickness: 15 cm

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 16 cm


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