Eco Yoga Mat / Brown-Mocca

Eco Yoga Mat / Brown-Mocca

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Burlap and Eco PVC Yoga Mat

color: PURPLE-Amethyst

This Carpet is the result of the combination of a vegetable burlap on a layer of Eco PVC.

The Jute fiber will give you superior grip and the Eco PVC layer will provide you with comfort, stability and grip on the ground.

This mat is light and easily transportable, it weighs only 1.6Kg!

Its touch is unique, its texture offers a natural contact and sensation.

Does not slip, does not stick, even when wet. Perfectly absorbs moisture and drains perspiration during practice.

With the Yoga Eco ANADEO mat, you make a more ecological choice, because it is Non Toxic, made without latex and without heavy metals, antistatic, tested and controlled by the independent and recognized institute SGS.

It is also Ecological, because it is Solid and durable

It is suitable for all types of yoga. It also meets the requirements of dynamic yoga such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Yoga Bikram …

  • Dimensions: L. 183 cm x 61 cm
  • Thickness: 0.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Composition: Eco Pvc 80% and 20% natural jute.

Maintenance advice:
After use, wipe with a towel and a soapy solution mixed with a few drops of TeaTree (Tea Tree) essential oil with antifungal and antibacterial properties, then rinse with a cloth dampened in water.

  • Let dry on a wire or flat out of the sun.
  • Do not machine wash or dry.
  • The first uses, it is normal for the carpet to leave a small surplus of material on the floor. This is the surplus PVC melted in the burlap.
Weight 1 kg


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