Anadeo carefully composes the colors of the limited series in order to offer you at each arrival the choice of new colors.

Yoga cushion Foldable anadeo

The Anadeo Folding Cushion offers a height-adjustable support: open flat to be used as a floor cushion or folded in half to elevate your hips when sitting in the lotus position for long periods of time. Portable, lightweight and durable, it is an excellent companion for travel and pilgrimage.

cushion Flat rollable anadeo

Yoga and meditation cushion flat and flexible, it rolls and folds in half thus allowing to modulate its thickness according to the exercise, the practice or the opening of the hip.

anadeo yoga mat

Anadeo has designed a Premium Technical Yoga Mat for experienced and demanding yogis looking to deepen their practice and get more precision in postures.

Necklace mala anadeo

All our Malas are designed and manufactured in our workshop in Bali.