Anadeo an Eco Friendly brand

Anadeo an Eco Friendly brand

We create products and accessories for Yoga and meditation while respecting our convictions and environmental charter.

Our yoga cushions are made with Kapok which is a natural fiber 100% ecological and 100% Recyclable. This very light fiber has for characteristic its impermeability and its rot-proofness it comes from the tree “the Kapokier” a big tree of the tropical zones. It is a fine, soft and light fiber that looks like cotton.

The Kapok is harvested, cleaned of these seeds and simply dried in the sun. It is then stored and packaged in jute bags ready to be used for the filling of cushions and mattresses.

There is no treatment with pesticides, nor use of water for its exploitation. Drying does not use electricity.

YOGA MATS (2018/2019 RANGE):
All our TPE range yoga mats are Eco-Responsible and 100% Recyclable. Non Toxic, PVC free, Latex free and Chloride free, Odorless, Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

Their manufacture is verified and certified by the Reach Compliance and ROHS organizations.

ROHS is a European directive published with the aim of reducing the use of dangerous substances in the manufacture of electronic equipment. REACH is a regulation adopted in 2006 by the European Parliament and the Council.